Staffing Your Idea


Since people are needed for the expression of every idea, the management of these people must be optimized for the fulfillment of the idea.

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Topics in this course

  1. The Need To Staff Though you might be forced to acquire new knowledge and skill to meet up with the expectation of the idea, you will still not be able to learn all as new area emerges as the idea grows.
  2. Recruiting Neither you nor the recruitment board can determine the right person to bring into your idea. Since your idea has a spiritual dimension, staffing must also be spiritual.
  3. The Organogram As more people are joined to your idea, the need for order becomes obvious. They need to see their respective tasks towards the idea as divine and part of their God given assignment.
  4. Disengagement Let everybody own the idea so that at the departure of some, others can push on the idea through their well-directed commitment to the idea rather than to people.
  5. Staff Support You pay for specified services rendered, though some might offer them to you/your idea at less or zero cost. You pay for some of these services through your relationships but care should be taken not to abuse such.

Join this class online via Google Classroom
CLASS CODE: 6auuegp


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