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Ideas And Change


Towards the expression of ideas, some transformations are needed and there would be attempts to force some changes on the idea.

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Topics in this course

  1. Causes Of Change A change of people working with your idea would influence your idea. Since every idea is meant to serve some people, a change in their attitudes towards you or/and your idea will influence the idea.
  2. Nature Of Change Consciously initiated changes are premeditated actions to generate a desired result. The unconsciously initiated changes are not planned for but results from actions and inactions within the system.
  3. Effect Of Change Changes do affect the idea in the short-term and in the long-term. Some long-term effects of changes correspond with the effect noticed in the short term.
  4. Responding To Change When changes occur to and in an idea, the response of the people working with the idea, especially the idea manager would influence how and to what extent the idea is affected.
  5. Staying Focused In Change The idea manager need to remain connected to the idea owner in the midst of change. Even without any imminent change, people who are disconnected from the idea owner would eventually lose their focus.
  6. Prepared For Change Preparation helps you to manage changes better. This will also afford you the opportunity to put in place (change) palliatives ahead of the full implementation of such changes.

Join this class online via Google Classroom
CLASS CODE: qncbxkf


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