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Inspired books written to help believers find, groom and operate in their respective ministries

The titles are available in print + ebook editions and can be obtained from several online bookstores including

crossed how the cross affects you ope rowland


How The Cross Episode Affects You
Hitherto, the sin question has always been a debacle in human history. Coupled with its many consequences, another heart-disturbing question comes from it: the essence of our existence. Via the cross episode, God dealt with sin, reversed its consequences and intervened in our course to bring us back to his purposeful intent.
Thus, we are not to be docile; we have work to do. The work of Christ on the cross was only the beginning of something much greater. The cross episode brings about the multiplicity of Christ across space and time through us with much benefit for the populace.

i have an idea ope rowland

I have an IDEA

The art of expressing Christian ministries outside the church walls
This book examines the dynamics of those ministries that seems to fall outside the normal local church ministries. These ‘outside the church walls’ ministries often occur to us as ideas.
From conviction to impact, leveraging to hatching, changes to adversaries, administration to jurisdiction, get equipped to express your ministries by pouring out the measure of Christ in you through your God-given and God-driven ideas.

stretched beyond limits ope rowland

STRETCHED beyond limits

As the Spirit guide you into the truths, your eyes will see, ears will hear and mind will conceive those things God has prepared in advance even for you. To be guided into these truths call for some stretching.
Until you stretch your spirit, you will not get to your full potential in life, as the flow is from the spirit to the soul and not vice versa.

obedience the true act of worship ope rowland

OBEDIENCE ...the true act of worship

The proper response to the Lordship of Christ is to worship him. Worship is beyond attending religious services and gatherings.
In worship, we relate with the Lord from the position of righteousness as we stand in obedience to the gospel. In worship, we serve and surrender all to Christ in obedience. In worship, we continuously express our love and his life through our obedience. In worship, our lives come in union with the Lord, as we obediently trust in him.

the intimate life ope rowland

The Intimate Life

God has always been interested in fellowship- in intimacy.
The first Adam missed it and his intimacy with God was cut off, but the second Adam- Christ identified intimacy as his secret and said we too can have that intimacy.
This book offer insight to the 'what', 'why', 'who', 'when', 'where' and 'how' questions of intimacy with God.

Manifestation ope rowland


Manifestation... the man in the manifest carrying out the manifesto Christ wants to flow through all; he allows a portion of his measure to be released through individuals. Christ had the measure in full but distributed it in parts to all believers. So Christ is reaching everywhere through us. Hence, our purposes express and extend that of Christ.

the young christian ope rowland

The Young Christian

Age and years do not make you young but your state and day to day experiences do.
... have written to you who are young because you are strong with God's word living in your hearts, and you have won your battle with Satan.
1 John 2:12-14 NLT
Be that strong believer, with God's word living in your hearts, winning your battle with Satan. BE THE YOUNG CHRISTIAN!


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