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From Idea To Impact


Our God given ideas are channels to communicate the fullness of Christ to our world and have Christ formed in them. The much of him we communicate over time depends on the much of him we imbibe progressively.

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CLASS CODE: 2grnh6r

Topics in this course

  1. Leaving Your Mark In The Sand Of Time Leaving your mark in the sand of time is not an end and a project on its own. Walking through a path you are equipped for towards the ‘cross’ set before you will leave a mark; your ‘shoe’ is designed for such surfaces.
  2. Colorful Impact For anyone who has decided to belong to Christ’s circle, he/she must be identified and described by the circle’s color. You need to place Christ before you constantly to be able to show your color, which is Christ.
  3. Real You, Real Impact As you allow the influence of the Holy Spirit, your spirit unfolds the data it was programmed with and for. Gradually, your thoughts begin to melt into the Holy Spirit’s thoughts about you, which bring the Holy Spirit intended impact on people.
  4. Influencing People Influence often attains the depth in the influenced as in the influencer. To influence others is to be our best and not just do. We will only become our best via our relationship with Christ since our real person is hidden in Christ.
  5. The Goal Of Impact Our goal is to ensure others too are into this journey of living for Christ so that they can be assured of sharing in his glory. We communicate this message of perfection using all the wisdom God has given us.
  6. The Audiences To Impact You must use all the wisdom God gives you to present everyone in and beyond your natural community perfect in their relationship with Christ. Consider doing a work that outlives your generation.
  7. Measuring Progress Some measure progress with money, fame and the duration of being with and in a vision. In measuring your progress, your compliance level to what God has shown you would be a true test.
  8. Reaching Your Peak While there are generally accepted peaks in life, it is expedient to say that they are not your peak. When you grow your root, as you should, you will reach your peak. Taking root is doing everything you should do.
  9. Sustaining Your Impact When men loose God’s influence on their lives, they lose their savor and in turn lose their influence in their world. In the secret place, God shares his nature with us, driving his quality into us.

Join this class online via Google Classroom
CLASS CODE: 2grnh6r


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