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Conviction Management


You live and face the challenges of life by your convictions. Without conviction, one is easily tossed here and there by the forces of life.
You make choices out of the options before you based on your convictions.

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Topics in this course

  1. Developing Convictions With time, you subtly and subconsciously begin to think, talk and act like your companions. A consistent and healthy walk with God whereby his thoughts displaces your thoughts generates convictions in you.
  2. Validating Convictions Any conviction you have should conform to the Scripture in context, character and goal. Such convictions should make you more like God and ultimately proven by time.
  3. Communicating Convictions You must rely on the Spirit to do the work rather than your oratory, gestures and choice of words. Your audience also needs to be in that same realm; else, communication is lost in transition.
  4. Seeing Convictions Through Tell less to people about what you think God want you to do with your life and let the unfolding events do the talking. You must learn to give answers to those who inquire and respond appropriately to wise counsel.
  5. Strengthening Convictions You will always have options of abandoning your convictions and doing something else. The more you pray the more your conviction is strengthened to carry on despite the internal and external resistance.
  6. Remaining In Your Convictions Many have dropped their convictions, even the God-given ones because they stayed away from their source. To remain convinced you need to keep hearing and listening to that which convinced you.
  7. Finding Happiness In Your Convictions People's opinions might give you a mixed feeling. Be more concerned and satisfied that you are pleasing God, which produces joy- the true and ultimate happiness in you.
  8. Handling People’s Expectations Correct expectations could keep you on track and help you to examine repeatedly your pursuit when not correct. Your priority should be to please God, as you would be susceptible to error when you weigh expectations on personality basis.
  9. Responding To People’s Convictions Though there is room for confirmation in the body, remain conscious of the fact that you are not the headquarters of God. Respond to other people’s convictions in love, as you would like others to respond to yours.

Join this class online via Google Classroom
CLASS CODE: 5ytjrrk


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