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Administering Your Idea


The idea would not be expressed by itself but people and methods must be put in place to manage its affairs.

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Topics in this course

  1. Delegation Effective delegation requires you to identify the strength and weakness of team members. Then, you allow them to take over gradually the part of the idea their strength can carry.
  2. Process And Automation Improvement of and in any idea requires understanding better the dynamics of the parts and causing the parts to be better.
  3. Reporting And Accountability In each stage of reporting, the submitted report should be crosschecked with the stated goals. it is advisable to have a body or person to whom the management reports to outside the organization.
  4. Vision Communication You can only communicate your vision to the level you understand it. A proper understanding of the idea is important.
  5. Vision Transfer When people are continuously instructed and corrected with respect to their contribution to the vision in line with the vision, the vision would soon become part of them.
  6. The Gifts Of Men Understand and acknowledge that those around you and the idea are gifts to you. In them lies great wealth of things you need to run the idea.
  7. Relationships There is the need to give attention to new people without the old people feeling abandoned and give attention to old people without the new people feeling unwelcomed.
  8. Activity Vs. Productivity Activities should not overweigh productivity. Activities overweighing productivity could be a sign of poor planning or non-strategic planning.
  9. Idea And Resources If all that is needed for the idea or/and idea manger are not readily available when needed, the idea would drag.

Join this class online via Google Classroom
CLASS CODE: yab5r5n


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